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Damp Proofing in Stoke

Are you in need of damp proofing in Stoke? Stoke Damp-Proofing & Plastering are the experts in Damp Proofing, Dry Rot and Structural Repairs and Home Renovations offering competitive prices along with a professional service to homeowners and businesses in Staffordshire.

Quality Damp Proofing in Stoke

Your property is one of the largest investments you are going to make. Safeguarding that investment is far more important than ever before and that is what Stoke Damp-Proofing & Plastering are here to do. We’ve more than 20 years experience working in this specialist area, helping home owners improve their properties through renovations and restoring any damp and dry rot issues. As an independent family run business we take pride in our high standards of workmanship. For a free call out and quote, please call us today.


Rising Damp in Stoke

Rising damp is the process for water climbing vertically up from the ground and travel by capillary action through porous material such as bricks and mortar. This will result in the wall becoming damp as hygroscopic salts travel in the brickwork and plaster. As water evaporates, these additives are deposited to the wall attracting more moisture in the air. As the process continues the wall and surrounding area gets more saturated and signs of rising damp will become evident such as crumbling of plaster and white tide marks appearing on a wall up to a height of around 1 metre.

It is a slow process and can be present for many years before any indication of a problem arises. Rising damp will typically occur because of:

  • No damp proof course (DPC) as is commonly the case with older buildings
  • Deterioration and collapse of the DPC over time
  • Changes in external ground levels significance that the DPC becomes bridged. By Way of Example if a brand new patio Was laid
  • Moisture traveling between the wall and the render thus bypassing the DPC.


Penetrating Damp Stoke

Penetrating damp is an all too common dilemma with the potential to seriously harm the exterior and interior materials of a property. It is generally classified as water that finds its way from the outside in and it may occur at all levels of the construction. This is unlike rising damp which happens only at ground level.

Why does penetrating damp occur?

  • Penetrating damp can happen for a number of reasons :
  • Faulty rainwater products ie blocked gutters, faulty downpipes
  • Roof defects like missing roof tiles
  • Walls subjected to wind driven rain
  • Extended periods of rain and heavy winds
  • Flood water saturating masonry
  • Ongoing and unnoticed leaks from pipes

Condensation Stoke

Condensation is caused by an imbalance of airflow, heating and ventilation resulting in a rise in relative humidity within the atmosphere of a property.

As warm air, which holds more water vapour than cold air, hits a cold surface such as a wall or window the air cools and is unable to retain all the moisture. The moisture it cannot hold is released and deposited in the form of tiny water droplets onto the cold surface.
Where does condensation appear?
Condensation can appear at any height, on almost any cold surface and where there is little movement of air most commonly windows, north facing walls, corners and behind furniture. This distinguishes it from rising damp, which almost never occurs at heights of more than 1.2 metres over external ground level and which is confined to walls that are in contact with the ground. Unlike condensation, rising damp normally results in the brickwork or masonry, being of higher moisture content, than the plaster/render.


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